How Technology is Shaping Sustainability in the Meat Export Industry

In our latest eBook, we discuss how technology is ensuring sustainability in the meat export industry and how meat exporters can incorporate it into their production and sustainability initiatives.


What's In the eBook?

The eBook explores how the meat export industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years due to technological advancements. With increased traceability and automation, technology has revolutionised how meat is produced, processed, packaged, handled, and sold at retail.

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The 4 biggest challenges: traceability, food safety, antiobiotic resistance, resource management
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How to overcoming challenges: three essential sustainable methods
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Environmental management, animal welfare and social responsibility: more than just 'buzz' words
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Precision livestock farming: how to harness this key method to minimise negative environmental impacts
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Technology and sustainable meat production: the key four technologies that are shaping the industry
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Operational efficiency: how to harness tech to realise efficiencies and reduce waste

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